Rivers of Light

Great message and execution from the folks at Lowe-SSP3. From La Macarena, Meta, Army, Navy and Air Force kicked off this operation in order to carry messages and gifts from relatives and friends of people who are on the FARC guerrillas inviting them to demobilize for Christmas. The messages and gifts were placed in hundreds of Christmas balls that were later transported in boats and helicopters to be ignited and released in different rivers of the country just miles away from where the Army knew there are some guerrilla fronts. In areas where rivers are not as prevalent for transportation, as in Cauca and Nari o (South west of Colombia), Christmas balls were hung in trees along the corridors that the guerrillas often use. All the balls were accompanied by a message: DO NOT MISS THIS CHRISTMAS, COLOMBIA AND YOUR FAMILY ARE WAITING FOR YOU. DEMOBILISE. AT CHRISTMAS EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.